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Dear so-called conservatives: the woman on the right is Melania Trump, who you want to be the next First Lady. Let that sink in. I'm sure if Michelle Obama had these photos in her past, you would forgive and forget. Right. You are HYPOCRITES!

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A wall.........something that will hinder America more then help it.......that much money into a wall rather then oh I do t know helping the homeless or the abused or the people dying of cancer. We care more about a wall the living breathing humans.

So there's this & then there is the FBI & Department of Justice Indictments on the way for Hillary. That's why America & the world is Feeling The Bern! That plus Bernie's Integrity, Honor, Justice & Freedom For All Americans.

I think Jon Stewart put it best when he said (and I'm paraphrasing), "If you [family-value conservatives] think marriage is the foundation of society, shouldn't you want more people to be a part of it, of what you think fundamentally strengthens us?"

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Every white supremacist, neo-Nazi and anti-semitic organization is supporting Donald Trump. If that doesn't make you question your support of him, nothing will.

Trump Pays NO Federal Taxes. Says he's "Smart." What does this make us small business owners and Citizens? Stupid? Not stupid enough to vote for Trump! VOTE! VOTE DEMOCRATIC!