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Inspiration Through Cannabis

Trialogue Cannabis Trialogue (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R.

Legalize now...

Cannabis and the brain

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Aka Red Wine OG This is the being used to stabilize this high calyx, high resin, pungent red wine flavored variety.

Planet Earths Most Useful Plant

Cannabis- Planet Earth's Most Useful Plant (info chart for the different uses of marijuana)

AC/DC (CBD) - Marijuana Strain Review

The Complete List of Cannabis Delivery Methods - Inhalation - smoking - vaporization, tinctures, ingestible oils, edibles, topicals.

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6 Ways to Judge Cannabis Quality

Activist Post: Marijuana and Alzheimer’s – How Marijuana Outperforms Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease

DYSTONIA & cannabis studies completed - Cannabis Research A to Z

The world's only Open Source Marijuana website indexing a very large number of scientific case studies related to the medical benefits of cannabis, along with the Top Marijuana Videos, Pictures, & Documentaries. ALL LANGUAGES

Cannabinoids can prevent cancer, reduce heart attacks by 66% and insulin dependent diabetes by 58%. Cannabis clinician Dr. William Courtney recommends drinking 4 - 8 ounces of raw flower and leaf juice from any Hemp plant, 5 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per kg of body weight, a salad of Hemp seed sprouts and 50 mg of THC taken in 5 daily doses.

not really DIY medicinal - but an interesting new study about the plant. New Study Shows Cannabinoids Improve Efficiency Of Mitochondria And Remove Damaged Brain Cells

Know Your Medical Marijuana - What Cannabinoids Help With Different Ailments

cannabinoid benefit chart infographic Inside a Stoner Lab, How Cannabis is Tested for Potency (Video)

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Your complete guide for growing Elite Marijuana indoor! Growing essentials — Lights, Seeds, Clones — everything we know about best cannabis cultivation wiki

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The actual reason marijuana is still illegal

Why you think Cannabis is illegal vs. why cannabis is really illegal. Very interesting infographic that breaks it down quickly, simply, and succinctly.

Do you support medical #Cannabis?

Our goal is to spread Hemp Cannabis awareness. Hemp can change our industrial world for the better.