Flowers by puking-pastilles on @DeviantArt

Flowers by puking-pastilles on @DeviantArt

Just a peek by Aleccha on deviantART

we all know this happened on a daily basis, but ron would be doing the puppy dog eyes and hermione wouldn't be able to handle it.

If Disney made Harry Potter movies!!! << love this person's art design! Can't remember her name at the moment but she is brilliant!

If Harry Potter was a Disney movie

Disney + Harry Potter --This is actually how I picture most of the HP characters. If these are supposed to be recognizable Disney characters then I don't recognize them, but I do recognize the Disney drawing style.

aaaaaaaaand loving sirius even more right now. That just made my day. :)))

(Skating by julvett on deviantART - James, Lily & Sirius - Harry Potter - The Marauders) Full credit for this piece goes to the person mentioned above! I love the creativeness of this, and the artwork is beautiful!

Cute <---- training for the ballet, Potter?

I think this is a really sweet scene between Harry and Hermione even though it never happened in the books. They have such a great brother/sister-like relationship.


quarter-quirrell: “ karasgis: “ Ginny Weasley & Tom Riddle ” I thought it was really cool and kinda cute until I realized it was Ginny and Tom, then it became horrific. I love.

The Harry Potter Cast Reimagined as Anime Characters | Lily and Snape | Suddenly got hit by the ultimate feels

Harry Potter - Severus Snape x Lily Evans - Snily << MY FEELS I would so watch a Harry Potter anime which is all about snape and lily/snily