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USA Dot Com: "Communist Core": Is this what we want in America?...

USA Dot Com: "Communist Core": Is this what we want in America?

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We've had enough of the Liberal Left criminal corruption elite in Washnigton D.C.   Thanking God for our new President Donald Trump!  U.S.A. All the way!

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Setting- Dominican Republic 1943 to 1994: This book takes place in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, from 1943-1994. The setting of this book is important because it's based off of a true story of a brave family, and it all happened in the Dominican Republic years ago. This keeps the story true, and helps the reader know what really happened to the Mirabal family.

During Trujillo's reign, people displayed images of El Jefe in their homes so that no one could question their loyalty.

Step 5: Minerva is a bold character in the book because she doesn't keep her mouth shut. She tells and explains all when she feels the need to. Which gives the reader the mindset that Minerva doesn't mind anything that comes her way.

CTC Minerva step " did it realizes she is speaking to the picture of Minerva as if she were assigning her part pinning her down with a handful of adjectives the beautiful,intelligent,high-minded

Minerva Mirabal. One of my biggest inspirations and heroes! She had dreams of becoming a lawyer in a time when it was unheard of for a woman to do such a thing. She refused physical advances from the dictator of the D.R. who in-turn did not allow her to get the proper license after completing law school. She then led a group to fight the dictator. She was imprisoned and tortured. After being released she was beaten and strangled to death by the dictator's men along with her sisters.

Characterization- Minerva (character’s physical appearance). Dede uses many adjectives to describe Minerva on pg. 6 saying that she is “.the beautiful, intelligent, high-minded Minerva.

CTC Step 2: "But my son, my first born! I had tried to shelter him, Lord knows"(152). This shows Patria's feelings because it shows how she cares about her son and wants to protect him the best way she can in other words, doing anything she have to even though she know she can't protect him from everything.

CTC(Minerva) Step Annotate descriptions of the characters physical appearance.- On page 6 her sister Dede describes her as, "the beautiful, intelligent, high-minded Minerva(Alvarez This shows that Minerva was a beautiful woman.

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CTC Step "I'm afraid I'm not for This quote shows me that Minerva Mirabal is an independent type of woman because when she said that, it showed she doesn't like to be controlled, especially not by Trujillo.

La última "fiesta del Chivo", el ajusticiamiento de Rafael Trujillo | La Historia pendiente - Yahoo Noticias en Español

La última "fiesta del Chivo", el ajusticiamiento de Rafael Trujillo

Character: Trujillo Step He was always wearing a jacket with pins of achievement on it. Step Trujillo is a malicious person and also insane. The reason for that is he plays with peoples minds and thinks of himself like God.