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Ladder (6 steps) Ethnic Group: Dogon Country of Origin: Mali Materials: Wood Approximate Age: Early 20th century Overall Condition: Moderate Damage, Repair: Wear and tear Measurement: 0,32x 0,12x 1,88m

Brass urn. The lost-wax technique is an old Ashanti craft, Kumasi, Ghana. These fine bronze vessels are also known as "kuduo" and were used in funerals or to hold valuable or important items. Some kuduo were buried with the owner, and some of them were also placed in shrine rooms.

Item #159 Asipim chair Ethnic Group: Asante Country of Origin: Ghana, Africa by

Twisted squares beads Made in: Holland Traded in: Africa Approximate Age: From mid 17th century onwards Overall Condition: Good, small pitting

Africa | Wooden Stool with Applied Gilded Copper Decoration | Ashanti/Asante, Ghana | late 19th century | Stools are very much personal items among the Ashanti. They are tied to the owner's soul. Stools, when not in use, were leaned against a wall to prevent spiritual forces from seating themselves on the stool.

Akan Nsodia (Funerary Portrait Head), Kwahu, Ghana