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A cool way to decorate (and afterwards label) your binders, notebooks, and folders!

Prefixes and Suffixes, The Basics

Prefixes and Suffixes, The Basics By Joan Whetzel Words are categorized by the way they are used in grammar and as parts of speech. The word types are: verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, interjections, and conjunctions. Words have roots, which give them their basic meaning. Yet, there are ways to tweak those words to give them new meanings - by adding prefixes and suffixs.

Agenda & Binder Organization Tips & Tricks

Hello there! It's time for another back to school post, and this one is all about how to organize your school agenda and binder(s)! We're both going to take one of the above and give you our organi...

Tiny Finds: Japanese Washi Tape

This is what I will do with folders at the end of the school year...repurposed for me! Thank you Washi tape...

FREE This is a list that I gave my Freshman Honors English students. Each day, they were given one of these words and expected to learn the definition f...

ACT/SAT Vocabulary Lists and Quizzes- Bundled Units 1-6

This unit contains 600 words in 30 lists and 30 different quizzes that are found on the standardized ACT and SAT tests. They include high frequency words that many high school students should have seen or already know. Each unit is self-sufficient and can be used throughout the year, for summer school, or homeschool ACT/SAT prep.

17 Unexpected Studying Hacks

Take better notes by pretending youre taking them for someone else. // 17 Unexpected Studying Hacks

Fun ACT Reading Prep: Main Idea Skill-by-Skill Practice

Downloadable PDFs break down each ACT test topic. Includes mini practice test & answer key w/ explanations. Topics are fun for teens. Best of all, some of them are FREE!