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Back to School Tips: Create a Homework Station

Back to School Tip! Create a homework station on your kitchen table. Help kids get their homework done by having all the supplies they need close at hand.

What Fundamentalists Worship

America of today is a result of Satan going rampant .Put God back where He belongs. At the center of everything ! ( J.J. - How absolutely absurd ! "Satan" is too blame ! The degree of primitive superstition in this the 21 st CE century is really difficult for any sensible person to comprehend ! ! )

Pay close attention to #5! Even if you use the textbook or example problems as a reference, you are not learning on your own! Try working out the problem yourself first, then see what you did right/'s okay to make mistakes on homework because you can go back and fix them. You can't do that on the test!

5 Fast Ways to Close a Lesson

5 Fast Ways to Close a Lesson - Discover 5 strategies that you can instantly use in your classroom to effectively close your lessons. Exit tickets, vocabulary maps and more. Applicable to all subject areas and grade levels.

Mindset Moments: Showcasing Student Growth. Take time to reflect on student learning and create “Mindset Moments.” To learn more about mindsets in the classroom, and especially the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, please check out my earlier post on this subject, "New Year, New Mindset."

Keep bidders informed on where you are in the evening. Sure it seems "Old School", but people notice and you see an immediate spike in bidding when you tell folks time is running out.