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"A whole suite of MaKey MaKey projects that can provide inspiration for learning activities."

Make Music and explore a suite of MaKey MaKey projects & learning activities in STEAM education. (Via Makey Makey)

Makey Makey Lesson Plans

Makey Makey: Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Makey Makey: An Invention Kit for Everyone

Makerspaces without a Space: Circulating Maker Kits | Mrs. J in the Library @ A Wrinkle in Tech

How to Be Brave: The Year of the Makerspace

Makerspaces Without a Space: Circulating Maker Kits for the School Library

Code A Story- There Was a Cold Lady Coding with Ozobot

Fun resources for teachers who are looking to incorporate STEM into their day using picture books!

Students will build a latch for the three bears so they can keep Goldilocks out! Fairy Tale STEM from More Than a Worksheet $

Fairy Tale STEM (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) Construct a Working Latch

BC Core Competency: Thinking STEM: build a working latch to keep Goldilocks out of the 3 bears' house