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Animal Odd Couples: Unlikely friendships in the Animal Kingdom

Koko, the famed 230-pound gorilla who converses in sign language, was known for her affection for her kitten. She's shown here in 1985.


Gorilla and bird - Photos - Animal Odd Couples

A gorilla is one of the strongest animals in the kingdom -- they're able to lift 10 times their own body weight -- but here, this ape delicately handles this little bird for this heartwarming snap before appearing on Nat Geo Wild�s "Unlikely Animal Friends."

Anthony the lion and Riley the coyote met when they were just over one month old and grew quite fond of one another almost immediately. See more from @Patti B Stamp Nature

Myrtle Beach Safari park, South Carolina, USA. The five-month grizzly bear named Bam Bam and chimpanzee Wali play and grow up together, enthralling visitors to the park.