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Gardens to Go: Tiny Colorful Bike Planters

Take gardens with you wherever you go. Designer Colleen Jordan of Atlanta creates the planters digitally with modeling software. They’re then 3D printed out of nylon, hand-dyed and sealed. The planters come in shades of red, orange, blue and green. Jordan recommends using succulent cuttings that have just begun to root, or large air plants.

The Tired Press is a mobile printmaking studio that focuses on the creation and production of site-specific postcards. It is a bicycle outfitted with a small scale relief press, pannier cabinets for supplies, a gallery for exhibition of prints made on the press, as well as a volunteer post office service. Anyone who meets the bicycle can print, purchase, write, and/or send a postcard!

Repurposed Bike Parts into Industrial Clock

The bicycles may have been disassembled, but the wheels of time don’t stop. Christy Cole of Urban Veggie keeps them turning with repurposed bike components, including hubs, chain sets and gears, which she transforms into original art pieces—and timekeepers—for the home. Since she uses sustaina…