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This has been a great opportunity to meet with constituents to discuss important... -

Facts about Senator Tom Cotton (R - AR). While he's making millions, Arkansas is currently the 8th poorest state in our Union.

Trey Gowdy (R) SC got teary-eyed when talking about his friends and constituents that were furlowed while top IRS officials stayed in $3500 a night presidential suites on the tax payer dime.

What we get for electing so many "businessmen" because they supposedly understand economics and how to create wealth. All because of being ruled by that FEAR they gave you of the "national debt."

So You Want The Truth About Benghazi? Benghazi is all about tarnishing Hillary Clinton before 2016. The GOP and Fox News are wetting their pants in fear that she will be the nominee. There's not much they can do about it except scream, "Benghazi!".

Ron Ozarowski on

This is just hollow anger. It's all for show, so that his constituents think he's actually doing something for them.. And they believe him! Idiots.

It's simple, really: Politicians should be working for their constituents' votes, not lobbyists' money. That's not radical. It's democracy.

SPITE the reason why 26 states would turn down millons of dollars for health care for the WORKING POOR.