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Rubio warns fellow Republicans who ‘want to capitalize politically’ on WikiLeaks documents -

He Will Always Be an Agent of Peace, Compassion and Vision. I can only imagine what this Man could have done to better the lives of ALL AMERICANS had Republicans not been so Vengeful and Hateful. For me and Millions more, He will forever be The Best President of My Lifetime. #OBAMA

NO THEY DON'T GET IT AND THEY WON'T GET IT UNTIL IT HITS "THEIR POCKETS!!!" Only then will you hear the Loud Hypothetical Voices of The Hateful Trump Voters!!!

It amazes me still that so many "average" Americans actually believe that someone like Trump actually cares about them!

VIDEO : Gen. McInerney Says Military Has Gone Through Hell, Relieved Trump is Taking Over – TruthFeed 12/23/16

Fellow teacher CGPGrey explains How the Electoral College Works, and, for the first time in my life, I understand.

Yes, let's give Hillary Killery a "participation trophy!" That will be swell! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ~@guntotingkafir