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Brazilian 1990

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Hispanic Barbie (1980's) was the first Hispanic doll in the Barbie line named Barbie.

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Hispanic Barbie from 1970 - My very favorite Barbie in in the world - she had dark hair and dark eyes just like me. My mother bought her for me

Barbie's Bubble Bath with pump to pump bubbles! My fave! @Teach My    www.teachmy.com

I so had this awesome bath tub that made real bubbles~ :) loved this!

14 90s barbie dolls

14 90s barbie dolls

I had Pocahontas and John Smith dolls! My aunt had Kocoum and Nakoma :)

Barbie western fun 1990. Best Barbie EVER Ik heb deze nog steeds :)

The Baby Doll Inducted Into The Toy Hall of Fame

Barbie western fun ~ The very last Barbie doll I ever got before I felt I had outgrown playing with dolls.

Fantasy Dolls - View Collectible Barbie Dolls From Various Fantasy Collections | Barbie Collector    always wanted this one!

I've got the Flamingo Barbie, now I covet the peacock barbie. The Peacock™ Barbie® Doll

45th Anniversary Barbie® Doll by Bob Mackie...I have a few Bob Mackie dolls. Beautiful.

Anniversary Barbie Doll by Bob Mackie - 2004 Anniversary Doll Collection - Barbie Collector

Photo of Sumatra-Indonesia Barbie® Doll 2008 for fans of Barbie: Dolls Collection.

Sumatra-Indonesia Barbie Doll Wears an elaborate golden headdress and necklace, vibrant turquoise dress with golden detailing, and pointed golden shoes.