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A Human-Shaped Pool Reflects the Sky Over Tbilisi by Icy & Sot

A Human-Shaped Pool Reflects the Sky Over Tbilisi by Icy & Sot (Colossal)

Brooklyn-based artist duo Icy & Sot were recently in Tbilisi, Georgia where they installed this temporary piece titled "Nature's Reflection" as part of Art-Villa Garikula.

Kinderen vermist tijdens speelkwartier

Funny pictures about High-stakes hopscotch. Oh, and cool pics about High-stakes hopscotch. Also, High-stakes hopscotch.

Board game geeks and street art enthusiasts alike will love the Monopoly-themed art found in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood – we sure do! From a sidewalk painted as a property card…

Do Not Pass Go: Awesome Monopoly Street Art

New Street Artist Bored Turns Chicago Sidewalks into an Alternative Monopoly Game in Logan Square

Craig Alan, Populous-Audrey    Deljou Art Group    48X60  Canvas

American artist Craig Alan creates unique portraits of pop-culture icons using people as pixels. Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

A Wet Road By Moonlight, Wharfedale - John Atkinson Grimshaw

A Wet Road By Moonlight, Wharfedale - John Atkinson Grimshaw. Atkinson Grimshaw a true master at capturing twilight, moonlight and reflected light -- and a great Dickensian name to boot!

1950-1960 Two women feeding a black bear at Nuisance Grands, Banff National Park.

From wild bears to stunning snow-capped mountains: Retro photos of Canada's Banff National Park reveal the glory days of summer holidays

I saw some of this work in a book also in Magma. I loved this idea of putting small figures into a big scene

I know it's just trick photography but it looks so clever for such a simple idea, it reminds me of Kim Leuenberger's Travelling Cars Adventures.


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Baby Racing Used To Be A Real Life Actual Sport During The Mid-20 Century, And It Was Amazing!

Diaper derbies - Baby racing was the greatest sport of the


They told me that to maker her fall in love I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs I'm the one who falls in love. So true!

The falling man : The Falling Man

The falling man: the art of Kerry Skarbakka - in pictures

In his photographic self-portrait series “Struggle To Right Oneself,” artist Kerry Skarbakka captures himself in moments of suspended peril: falling fr .