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"Begini aja aku sudah nyaman, kok."

"Begini aja aku sudah nyaman, kok."

teddy bear engagement

"Be yourself, together" photo contest

Here’s a fun contest for you lovey dovey couples to enter! The whole premise behind the idea of “Be Yourself, Together” is to highlight that as a couple comes together, not only are they joining in a union, but they’re … Continue reading →

LA MADRE INTERNA | Hacer es Hacerse http://hacereshacerse.com/2014/05/04/la-madre-interna/

"An Iraqi girl in an orphanage was missing her mother. So she drew her and fell asleep inside of her mom. She had no idea hat her mother looked like but she drew her anyway. so sad

I think this is my favorite photo of all time- skateboarding or otherwise. That point in time- that happiness, vitality, and peace that comes from pushing on a skateboard- no words can express it.

Contrast - June, "A street skater, skating." This is the only magazine cover to have changed my life.

Cinema from above, photographer unknown. Here's to the movies, without the study of which I would not be the same person today.

I adore this photo. The empty spaces and mix of ages suggest an art house film. These people are watching a good movie. movie shot would be cute?

Twitter. YouTube. Facebook. Skype. | Explained in ways your parents might appreciate. 20th Century rewind.

If social networking were around in the these would be the ads! I really liked these posters. As an English teacher I could use this as a project idea

The London-based photographer Lydia Goldblatt began photographing her father in 2010. He was ninety-one years old and his health had begun to deteriorate. She continued to take pictures of her parents and of their home in Hampstead London until her fathers death in 2013. The New Yorker  Still Here by Lydia Goldblatt [1/4] #art #photography

The London-based photographer Lydia Goldblatt began photographing her father in He was ninety-one years old, and his health had begun to.