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Will your personal insurance cover surrogacy? Here are a few reasons why this is a great question to ask!

There can be great benefits for you if you're able to use your personal health insurance for your surrogacy journey.

Open Letter to Our Surrogate

Justin is forever grateful for his children, a product of surrogacy. Read on to see heartfelt "open letter to our surrogate".

Surprise! Your Surrogate is Having Multiples! Now what?

Twins Ashlee Spinks and Andrea Springer both delivered twin boys via C-section in Georgia on the sam.

Surrogacy Postpartum: Tips for Friends and Family Members Common misconceptions surround surrogacy postpartum, Toni sets the record straight, and offers some great advice for friends and family members.

For some, navigating Surrogacy Postpartum is tricky. We've put together a helpful list when your friend/family member has delivered.

The ULTIMATE list of Surrogacy related blogs!!

Pregnancy Fertility

If you appreciate parenting you'll will appreciate this cool info!

For Claire, surrogacy created a family for them- and a sisterhood for her.

Thinking about becoming a surrogate? Read our Surrogate Stories at Growing Generations.

Great book for the children --- Amazon.com: The Very Kind Koala: A Surrogacy Story for Children (9781482621525): Kimberly Kluger-Bell: Books

The Very Kind Koala by Kimberly Kluger-bell, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Need a good reason to consider working with an agency to find your surrogate? We've got 4 great ones, right here.

They must be loaded" A look at managing offensive comments made about your intended parents.

At Growing Generations, the journey for single parent surrogacy is similar to that for coupled adults. See the similarities & differences here.

Having a hard time deciding how to tell your children about their birth story?

Mandy and the twins have reached viability! They've also tripped across some pretty cool technology that lets the IPs talk to the babies! Read about it, here.

Surrogacy is anything but predictable. It's a lesson Mandy is learning right now.

As delivery nears, 2 time surrogate Mandy talks about what goes in her surrogate hospital bag, and how it differs from the bag she packed for her own kid's births.

In her first post, Mandy talks a bit about who she is, and why she chose surrogacy.