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12 Habits of Highly Productive People

Time Management Tips - Make a to do list, prioritize tasks, take breaks,... and so many more.

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BTS | J-hope ♡ Happy New Year!

Faith In Humanity Restored – 12 Pics

12 THINGS HAPPY PEOPLE DO DIFFERENTLY 1-Express Gratitude 2-Cultivate Optimism 3-Avoid Over-Thinking & Social Comparison 4-Practice Acts of Kindness 5-Nurture Social Relationships 6-Develop Strategies for Coping 7-Learn to Forgive 8-Increase Flow Experiences 9-Savor Life’s Joys 10-Commit to Your Goals 11-Practice Spirituality 12-Take Care of Your Body -Stephen Covey

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J-Hope ❤ [BTS Trans Tweet] 사랑합니다!! 푹자요 울 아미 / I love you!! Sleep well our ARMY (사랑해요 호비 ) #BTS #방탄소년단

Debbie Reynolds passed away 12/28/16 age 84 of stroke and daughter Carrie Fisher passed away 12/27/16 age 60 heart attack