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Hennessy Lololololololol

divertente anche se non credo che.

Breaking News Kermit - Nothing from nothing leave…

Kermit The Frog ~ But That's None If My Business

A But Thats None Of My Business meme.

Lol gym humor and kermit the frog memes = comedy

Lol gym humor and kermit the frog memes = comedy bahahahaha 😂

This is just so wonderful. I just started laughing like a maniac. I can't handle this.

The new covers for Taylor Swift albums…This little girl's face will never fail to make me laugh. I'll always hate Taylor Swift forever

Kermit meme lez beee honest haha

Told U! Naggie and Alpaca Just saying!

Hahaha yup! That's for both my novel writing AND personal writing. It's worse when I wrote it under pressure or when stressed/wasn't thinking clearly/very emotional etc; it's cringe-worthy.

Kermit the Frog

My favorite thing about kermit the frog is that sometimes he makes this face. My fave Kermit face


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Yo... I don't get how people can be so stupid. Bitch if you don't like me, then leave me be...

:) Some people just like info to talk shit.


idk why these are so funny to me >> Community Post: Kermit The Frog's Top 10 "But That's None Of My Business" Posts

Kermit ~ that's none of my business

It's the ones who cheat the government, work under under the table, and plan to have children while they receive welfare.they are no different than the people who rob banks.

ROTFLOL! #MenProblems

24 Evil Kermit Memes To Feed Your Dark Side - Funny Gallery

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10 New Kermit Memes We Cried Laughing At

Here are 10 new Kermit memes that gave us a good laugh, even on Mothers Day.

Dear Babcock students, stay off the girls on this list, they are home breakers.