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Inner thigh exercises like the Thigh Burner build rock solid thighs.

The Thigh Burner stretches & strengthens your thighs, strengthens your knees & firms your butt. Done with deep breathing it's one of the most powerful inner thigh exercises you can do.

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Exercise for good posture

Exercise for good posture: Prevent back pain and increase your energy

3 Wake-Up Stretches to Do in Bed | LIVESTRONG.COM

3 Wake-Up Stretches to Do in Bed

Pressure points

Free face exercises from the time tested traditional Chinese health system.

Hammer Toe Improving Exercises | LIVESTRONG.COM

Hammer Toe Improving Exercises

When toes are normal, they extend straight out and have a natural slight downward curvature. But when hammer toes develop, they're bent at the middle.

Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Natural remedies for insomnia - The Chinese Long Life Evening Exercise Program is a natural remedy for insomnia that gives you a sound sleep every night.

Anxiety Breathing Techniques and Acupressure: A Powerful Self Therapy for Anxiety and Stress

This super effective tiredness remedy takes just a few minutes & floods your system with energy-boosting oxygen, while at the same time expelling energy-depleting stale air from your lungs.

Immediate pain relief for the low back. Exercise: Somatic QL Release

Most of back complaints are because of tight QL muscles (Quadratus Lumborum). Perform this simple Somatic Movement Flow to release tension and improve flexib.

Your abdominal exercises MUST include the Abdominal Lift, a GREAT flab reducer!

Ab Lift - Great Exercise for re-toning abs and getting rid of post-pregnancy sag!

To chisel your abs and strengthen your core, add some dumbbells to your core workout.

The Flat-Belly Exercise You Need to Know

V-Sit With Single-Arm Chest Fly: In this variation, the abs work extra to maintain stability as you pull the dumbbell away from your center.

These simple exercises will help you to get rid of bra bulge (also known as bra fat).

8 simple Exercise to Get Rid of Bra Bulge

8 simple Exercise to Get Rid of Bra Bulge These simple exercises will help you to get rid of bra bulge (also known as bra fat).