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Let's talk about Misha Collins

cris on

I'm not a fan of snake bite piercings, but everything else is good.

Mishap I still love you ❤️❤️

i went from drooling to laughing so hard in seconds . God damn it, Misha XD

Amy ‏@pietoperdition I don't know what this is, & it makes me angry. Why you gotta be like that man? You are 40, stop cut-ing me to death

ThighsOfBetrayal!Amy on

He looks so hot in a backwards baseball cap! Most guys look douchey but Misha just looks so sexy

Misha with fan... I am overwhelmed by this man.

Misha with fan. I am overwhelmed by this man. He is such an amazing person!

Join me (& some famous people) in helping to take down Trump! Go to nopetotrump.com #NopetoTrump

Don't be shy Misha tell us what you really think. Collins for President.