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Portal, Gate

Can't wait to start Portal 2 now. Glados by ~gabrieldevue" <<< Still not sure which of the two is my favorite game >.

Portal themed Keyboard

15 Steampunk Bedroom Decorating Ideas for your Home

Cardboard Ship Wheel and Fake Portholes

DIY portholes for doorsHow to make faux portholes for your next pirate or ship theme birthday party celebration. I really like the fake porthole and hanging rope ideas as party decorations!

Laundry Shoppe Hilarious AND creative--great find! "In my bedroom, the floor was a little messed up. So I just bought a porthole and cut it into the floor, and now it's my laundry chute.

10 Truly Amazing Cat Doors And Entryways

Cat Porthole: Image by Louise Lakier, amazing cat doors