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Bless your tortured soul, Robert.

Bless your tortured soul, Robert.

"The whole Twilight thing aside, Robert Pattinson is a pretty funny guy." <<<<< you can hate Twilight (which I do btw) but you cannot hate this guy

Mean girls

Mean Girls "She doesn't even go here!" haha My cousin didn't know what movie was this quote from.

napoleon dynamite   <3

Movie & TV tidbits (26 photos)

"Hey, Napoleon, what'd you do all last summer again?" "I told you. I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines.

This is Sherlock, and Pirates of the   Caribbean, and if you watched Thor The Dark World it's also that. THOR: You're   mad! LOKI: Quite possibly, but if this was easy, everyone would do   it.

" He wanted to be a pirate". I need Jack Sparrow and Sherlock to meet one day. Maybe once Sherlock meets the Doctor he can finally go back in time to become a pirate, ( and to meet Jack Sparrow)

80's movies

Wanting your life to be like an movie? The Breakfast Club or Gremlins ? you gotta specify



Robert Downey Jr. kept food hidden all over this set. They couldn't find where it was, so they just let him continue doing it. That's his actual food he's offering, and when he was eating in a scene, it wasn't scripted. He was just hungry

Avengers trivia, RDJ kept food hidden all over this set and they couldn’t find where it was so they just kinda let him continue doing it. So that’s his actual food he’s offering and whenever he’s eating in a scene, it’s not scripted. He was just hungry.

Omigosh!!!!!!! This is literally the best thing I've seen in a while! Oh I miss this show just too much, and we love Mr Mosby

JESUS TAKE THE PRNDL (The guy who plays Mr. Moseby was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. He was probably too busy decided whether to listen to aaammmm or ffffmmm to pay attention to the PRNDL.