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Pendentif sept Chakras

Pendentif sept Chakras

Silk Chakra Banner – the Perfect Altar Piece for your Sacred Space | Silk and Art

Chakras, in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centres of Prāṇa, life force, or vital energy. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body

les chakras - léonorah Plus

Reiki - les chakras - léonorah Plus - Amazing Secret Discovered by Middle-Aged Construction Worker Releases Healing Energy Through The Palm of His Hands. Cures Diseases and Ailments Just By Touching Them. And Even Heals People Over Vast Distances.

Chakra crystals.

Healing Crystals Stone 7 Chakra Reiki Bracelet

Les chakras et les étapes de la vie

Les chakras et les étapes de la vie


Pranic healing is an energy healing technique that involves the use of prana to balance the energy in the body and keep it in harmony. This technique is non-invasive and does not require touching.

énergie toxique: Tous les jours nous avons nos règles d'hygiène comme se laver les dents, prendre une douche, et mettre du déodorant.Nous en oublions une

4 façons de purifier votre aura de l'énergie toxique

4 Ways To Cleanse Your Aura Of Toxic Energy - Higher Perspective

Abriendo los Chakras Meditaciones de los chakras que usan mudras y sonidos para abrir los chakras. Estas meditaciones de los chakras usan mudras, que son posiciones especiales de las manos p...


Chakra positions [Chakra Test-Introduction-How To Open Chakras-Working With The Chakras]