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*old Graveyard.... IF i could get my friend to go with me for a photoshoot.                                                                                                                                                     More

Funny Ghost Story

JGallagher- The cemetery in the book seems to be dark and creepy and this cemetery does a pretty good job at scary dark and being creepy. In the book Pip is at the cemetery and looking at his mothers tombstones then he meets a convict.


Walk a grave yard at night -- Summer -- Thought it was real fun at the time. Real funny now.

haunted places -

Haunted Night x Lightweight Fabric Backdrop. Haunted shades of pink! In a grave yard, no less! What a perfect way to cover the walls, or as a backdrop for a photo op! Halloween 'Pink-O-Ween' Theme Party Decorations & Ideas. Who says pink can't be scary?

Dark Interior Gothic Background

Save on royalty-free cemetery images.

Bow Cemetery- London, opened in Within 50 years a quarter million people were buried here / photo by Duncan George.

Finally there is silence among the tombstones.

Cemetery trees shiver in the snowy breeze, and cover the graves with their dead leaves… -Justin Wampler