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ありがとう。 最高の初日でした。 明日の福岡もあげてくぞーっ。

ありがとう。 最高の初日でした。 明日の福岡もあげてくぞーっ。

Yeah, ask your girlfriend for some. :) LOL! omg!!

Corby and I just got the best Christmas gift idea! ~ Great Christmas gift idea: slippers for all your friends and family, handmade from. Yeah, the sequins really class them up.

My, what big teeth you have

Unusual Gifts and Baby Teeth Thumb Sucker Pacifier at Perpetual Kid. Most babies are already cute BUT stick one of these pacifiers in their mouths and people wi


Ladybug Baby Shower Cake: This Adorable Ladybug Baby Shower Cake Was The Place Winner in Our Cake Contest! I made a regular sheet cake for the base. I used a half oval pan

Birthing / vagina cake

Birthing / vagina cake

Heck no!

The Top 30 Most INSANE Baby Shower Cakes Of All Time! #23 and #27 Are UNREAL!

HILARIOUS!!!! SO gross bit so funny at the same time!! I can not stop laughing!

Divorces can be painful, but that's why we have cake to ease the pain. Here are 16 hilarious divorce cakes you have to see.

A comforting baby shower cake! Totally making a blonde one for Sam with double the bump!

The strangest baby shower cakes ever (pics!)

The Worst 30 Cakes That Have Ever Been Baked-These people definitely learned that next time, they should just order a simple cake from the bakery! Check out the worst 30 cakes that have ever been made.