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5 More Great Sydney Water Parks

Wolfe Creek is the second largest 'fresh' meteorite crater on Earth (i.e., so recent that actual meteorite fragments have been found). Nearly circular, with a diameter varying between 870 and 950 meters. It is young enough (some 300,000 years) to have retained most of its original structure, although the bottom 150 meters have been filled in with wind-blown sand. Rainfall is retained in the whitish gypsum areas on the central crater floor, permitting sizable trees to grow.

Bondi Beach at Sunrise-Studying abroad in Australia was the best thing I have ever done in my life...I hope I get to go back...Loved Manley Beach even more.

Australia: After learning about the Aboriginal people many years ago while watching Olympics, I became curious.

Family First believes property rights, http://www.vic-familyfirst.org.au/

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