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my Mother asked me<br />to write a <br />Pome<br />this was a tall order<br />rather<br />hoping <br />to<br />sit<br />with the black cat<br />whose<br />alluring<br />eyes<br />entranced<br />me<br /><br />yes<br /><br />I'll write<br />about<br />Love Lost<br />if you <br />need me too<br />trying <br />to find<br />your heart<br /><br />a thankless<br />task<br /><br />but<br />thankyou<br />anyway

my Mother asked me to write a Pome this was a tall order rather hoping to sit with the black cat whose alluring eyes entranced me yes I'll write about L.

Sour are the Grapes<br /><br />is poetry<br /><br />the most rational<br /><br />precise<br /><br />configuration<br /><br />of words<br /><br />so<br /><br />jealous of<br /><br />its own<br /><br />company ?<br /><br />Are words<br /><br />put in<br /><br />front of us<br /><br />meant to<br /><br />walk<br /><br />in a straight line ?<br /><br />or pleasantly<br /><br />meander<br /><br />into<br /><br />the sea<br /><br />of<br /><br />all knowing<br /><br />Gea

is poetry the most rational precise configuration of words so jealous of its own company ? Are words put in front of us meant to walk in a straight line. Sour are the Grapes

I am<br /><br />bic pentameter<br /><br />having<br /><br />spent<br /><br />half<br /><br />my life<br /><br />entwined in<br /><br />other peoples post<br /><br />past<br /><br />lives<br /><br />forgotten historical<br /><br />novels<br /><br />remain<br /><br />and<br /><br />people<br /><br />put to<br /><br />rest<br /><br />like<br /><br />sheep<br /><br />we loved them once

I am bic pentameter having spent half my life entwined in other peoples post past lives forgotten historical novels remain and people put to rest like s.

SONG OF THE EARTH<br /><br />I grew<br /><br />in growing understood<br /><br />the network<br /><br />communication<br /><br />of plants<br /><br />and small<br /><br />trembling animals<br /><br />locked in thorns<br /><br />of search<br /><br />and desire<br /><br />long lilies<br /><br />reached out to me<br /><br />my snail like slow<br /><br />movements<br /><br />trailed<br /><br />webs called me<br /><br />snakes stunned me<br /><br />rattling stones<br /><br />churned me<br /><br…

SONG OF THE EARTH I grew in growing understood the network communication of plants and small trembling animals locked in thorns of search and desire lon. SONG OF THE EARTH POEM

from Scotland to Lands End<br />she'll <br />get you<br />in the end<br />her spreading roots<br />entrenched in steel<br />are History<br />to me<br />the first one <br />was a<br />mix<br />she had<br />an iron will<br />she sent Raleigh and <br />the rest<br />to conquer<br />land<br />and still<br />we may not own it all<br />one sixth <br />is all I need<br />to keep<br />me in <br />the manner<br />I am accustomed <br />to<br />so be brave<br />you commoners<br />and yield<br />to the…

from Scotland to Lands End she'll get you in the end her spreading roots entrenched in steel are History to me the first one was a mix she had an iron w. FROM SCOTLAND TO LANDS END

I took you in to my soul<br /><br />and laughing<br /><br />saw the birds<br /><br />colours spinning<br /><br />in  your eyes<br /><br />while you looked at me<br /><br />we held hands<br /><br />and electric rythmns<br />shook us<br /><br />vibrating<br /><br />all nature<br /><br />woven<br />into a blanket <br />of harmony<br />at that <br />precise<br />moment<br />I loved you<br /><br />warmth spread though me<br />as we tangled <br />in grass<br />reaching <br />for the sky<br /><br…

I took you in to my soul and laughing saw the birds colours spinning in your eyes while you looked at me we held hands and electric rythmns shook .

you<br /><br />loved<br /><br />me<br /><br />once<br /><br />tangled in my hair<br />hands<br />reaching<br /><br />but maybe<br /><br />your grasp <br />was too strong<br /><br />in yielding<br /><br />I gave far too<br />much<br /><br />so<br />that's <br />love

you loved me once tangled in my hair hands reaching but maybe your grasp was too strong in yielding I gave too much so that's love Love .

Millionaires Row<br /><br />Money is the answer to <br />all evils<br /><br /> when we try<br />to <br />eat <br />end of day<br />discount <br />dated<br /><br />under<br />rated<br />food<br /><br />soaked<br /><br />drying<br /><br />in dull lit<br />rooms<br /><br />waiting for <br />the key <br />meter to<br />black out <br />the lights<br /><br />warmth<br /><br />you're lucky <br />you know<br /><br />you could be a lot <br />worse off<br />the newspapers<br />reassure<br />us<br…

Money is the answer to all evils when we try to eat end of day discount dated under rated food soaked drying in dull lit rooms waiting for the key.

when I discover<br /><br />how<br /><br />I am made<br /><br />I'll go<br /><br />back<br /><br />to the shop<br /><br />and ask for<br /><br />a<br /><br />refund

when I discover<br /><br />how<br /><br />I am made<br /><br />I'll go<br /><br />back<br /><br />to the shop<br /><br />and ask for<br /><br />a<br /><br />refund