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Scots-Irish in the backcountry: "This rapid transformation in appearance quickly set them apart from the wigs and buckles and frilly shirts of New England. Almost immediately the frontier revitalized the hunter-warrior encoding in their bloodline...In a belt around their waist, they wore...a tomahawk and a scalping knife for hunting & self-defense...Skill with a rifle & knife were essential to survival, & a good marksman had great status in his community." ("The Other Irish" p32, by…

George Rogers Clark (1752-1818) was a soldier from Virginia and the highest ranking military officer on the northwestern frontier during the American Revolutionary War. He served as leader of the Kentucky (then Virginia) militia throughout much of the war. Clark is best known for his celebrated captures of Kaskaskia and Vincennes which greatly weakened British influence in the Northwest Territory.

AMBUSH! My life changed for the better because my trading post became the hub of french fur trading. It changed for the worse because when we were battling the Iroqois I was hit in the knee with an arrow and was unable to walk. Not only that but we loss the battle too.