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Dexter Cat | Pawshake

Meet Burmese X Cheeto cat Dexter, Cat of Jessica: Cheeto X Burmese, very loveable & cuddly. He will play fetch with you with his favourite small toys, and sleeps almost all day!

Rylee Cat | Pawshake

Meet Rylee, Cat of Dexter:

Zoomma Cat | Pawshake

Meet Zoomma, Cat of Aey:

Nana Cat | Pawshake

Meet Nana, Cat of Vyvyan Natashja:

Money  Cat | Pawshake

Meet British short hair Money , Cat of Vivian:

Tj Cat | Pawshake

Meet Tj, Cat of Chris: TJ lives well with our own adopted dog. He will probably be scared of other dogs.

Gandalf, Xena, Anakin Cat | Pawshake Singapore

Meet Gandalf, Xena, Anakin, Cat of Dinar:

Frisky Cat | Pawshake

Meet Frisky, Cat of Nurul: Cheerful,active loving Orange Maincoon.

QiangQiang (鏘鏘) Cat | Pawshake Singapore

Meet Qiangqiang (鏘鏘), Cat of Nancy: He was also abandoned by his mother when he was just weeks old, 6 months after BuMiao. He is very loving and is usually the peacemaker in the house.