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Bobo Cat | Pawshake

Meet Bobo, Cat of Matthew: Not particularly cuddly but a good little cat.

Simba Cat | Pawshake

Meet Simba, Cat of Chriśtopher:

Feijão Cat | Pawshake Sydney

Meet Feijão, Cat of Andressa: In memoriam to Feijão, my paraplegic cat (the black one).

Felix Cat | Pawshake

Meet Felix, Cat of Diane: Felix is very friendly and loves a cuddle. He loves people and loves to spend time with humans so would love you to spend a few moments to play .

Skye Cat | Pawshake

Meet Skye, Cat of Daniele: She is a very shy grey and white short hair.

Lynx Cat | Pawshake

Meet Lynx, Cat of Sophia: This ragdoll loves to talk, even when nobody's listening. Can't keep him away from food.

Korra Cat | Pawshake

Meet Korra, Cat of Alexandra: Korra is an inside kitty.