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This at-home ab workout is a perfect workout to sculpt a lean, flat stomach so you can be well on your way to a six pack. These challenging core moves will help you slim your wasit down as they target your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques.

Yep. Courtesy of Stephanie Perry via Facebook via SWIHA Urban Farming Community via www.beanurbanfarmer.com

to help with your reshaping I found this ....See https://Shapeuup.com for defining gels and body wraps to help along with toning, firming, and tighten your body.

Alright guys! Here is a progress pic starting from this last 12 weeks week 0-12! I don't think it does the justice of my full transformation because you can't see my legs or arms very well but it does show my mid section progress pretty good! I became much more lean! I got rid of a lot of that stubborn "pudge" we all hate! As far as my abs go they have made immense progress! Looking at the pictures side by side it's hard to tell but my stomach is much more flat and abs are more seen when…

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