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drawings on paper cups.
Make old soup cans into pot holders. Tin cans are not just for stacking up in your cabinet, tossing in the trash or sending to the recycle bin. Combine those with a rope, paints, craft papers and a generous helping of crazy imagination, and you will have a cool creation on your hands.
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Right to my eyes...when there was nothing to lose at that point, laying it on the line.  I knew the truth, asked the questions and still got a lie.  I'm so sad you can't own it!  Love you forever
Beautiful candle holder using a cd and some old marbles. Great reuse after the kids out grow playing with these things.
Do you really hate me now? Well I don't care anymore.. But somehow I'm sure, I still matter. You show it in the way you are trying so desperately to forget me and get me out of your life- hiding from me. You aren't really happy and sure that you made the right choice, are you? Well, I'm sure you haven't..your still being together is either a lack of character or alternative or it's opportunism- but surely not love.!! You can't convince me that it suddenly is big love.. Don't forget that I…
diy stepping stone with secret key hider, concrete masonry, crafts, home decor, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling
Yea pretty much. People tell so many lies, that they started believing them too. Not me... I know the truth so I just sit back and laugh. Can't hurt my feelings for throwing something that happened in the past in my face. Helllo, it's irrelevant now. I don't live that life anymore. But you do... must kill you a little bit every day knowing you cheated and "made" it work. Whatever though, go ahead wear that whore label proudly!
I don't give up easily; I fight for what I want. It takes a lot for me to actually give up on something or someone. I can't just throw away all the hard work and time I put into it. I can't just give up because times are hard, especially if that person means so much to me. I keep fighting for what I want until I can't fight anymore, until giving up is the only option left.
The Statue of Whitch King?