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Cesare Borgia painted by Luca Signorelli with blond hair (and not dark as so many protrayed him)! Pinturicchio painted him blond as well (as can be seen on the walls in the Borgia appartments) Both painters knew and lived in the same days as Cesare, and were consequently familiar with his looks.

Gioffre Borgia (1482–1518) was the youngest son of Pope Alexander VI and Vannozza dei Cattanei. Gioffre married Sancia (Sancha) of Aragon, daughter of Alfonso II of Naples, obtaining as dowry both the Principality of Squillace (1494) and after a period of political turmoil in the Kingdom of Naples, the County of Alvito (1497).

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Astorre Manfredi (1485-1502) the young lord of Faenza (he was only seventeen years old) who along with his brother John the Evangelist heroically defended his city against attacks Valentino until it was forced to yield. Invited by Caesar to pass on his side, the two boys, won by charm of the Borgias, accepted making a fatal mistake: a year after their bodies were fished out of the Tiber

Henry VIII is probably the most well known king of England, and his daughter Elizabeth became, arguably, the most powerful queen England has ever...