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Plate 10 Lost Book #Nostradamus | The Pope, as head of the church from the 'unHoly Roman Empire', is depicted as consorting with the serpent, thereby suggesting the book he carries contains wisdom from such. The bird hovering in the air represents true knowledge from above, but the pope turns his back on this knowledge, preferring to hear and represent the serpent instead.

Image of Pope John XXII as the Antichrist. 15th century image from the Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus, adapted from a c. 1340 illustration of the apocalyptic pro-Spiritual text as described in The Use and Abuse of Eschatology in the Middle Ages.

Plate 8 Lost Book of #Nostradamus | Pope = Clement V - Wolf = Death loss of sheep - Tree = ancestral tree, denoting a family line. The voice of God speaks on behalf of innocents from the grave, such as murdered Grand Master of the Templar Knights, whose curse upon the papacy and king of France is tremendous. Hand Speaking: = The curse of Jacques de Molay has reached the ears of God and He takes revenge upon the Holy Roman Empire. Seven plagues spread across the unHoly Roman Empire and in…

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Libro Nostradamus - Figura 13

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