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((Heavy sarcasm)) Oh yeah, because Dawkins goes around telling people that they are hated and that they deserve an eternity of suffering. I went to the last funeral he crashed where he told everybody that the kids involved in the school shooting aren't going to heaven because it doesn't exist. Yeah this guy is out of control... Atheists are so cruel. ((Heavy sarcasm))

So you're saying a scientist spreading truth with scientific facts and evidence is just like a group of incestuous hillbillies picketing innocent peoples funerals and threatening their families with hell? Are you serious?

We the people don't think so, Mr McCain.   Why don't you try following the American people rather than B Hussein O? Or did you come up with that together at DinnerWithBarack?

RevJoeASondrup on

What happened to John and why does he NOW keep siding with Obama. Do "they" have something on him or is it just sour grapes? He's become such a RHINO

Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives Elder Thaddeus

The Lord commands us to love our enemies, not for their sake, but for our own good. For as long as we wallow in the remembrance of an insult we have suffered from a friend, a neighbor, or a relat…


The stinking filthy rich XXI century socialist cat is out of the bag!

Government Shutdown

Its funny(in the sad pathetic kind of way),they cut the non-essential bs, and most ppl would'nt have noticed if not for the lame stream media pushing their agenda.

I am neither...I'm an independent thinker! We r in a big hot mess that has been years in the making & will take SO many years to dig us out of....if that is even possible! I think we're past the point of no return...but I can always hope. I'd really like to get rid of all the politicians in office now & have a "do over" & some big changes...starting with some major campaign finance reform & some big pay & perks cuts for those who truly want to serve our country & not their own interests! I…

not a democrat, not a republican, i'm an american and i want my country back

Dennis Rodman quot

super moronic Dennis Rodman quote What's the DIFFERENCE?" Life and death are basic rights. We are in real trouble with this kind f thinking! This kind thinking causes the END of societies!

Doesn't work that way, sweetie. MOVE --- get the he!! Out of this sweet, blood stained, fought for freedom land that you syphon millions from and bash its glorious name. South Pole we will all chip in for a few of you a ticket.

Liberal Douche Garofalo is an advice animal image macro series centered around a headshot of American stand-up comedian and activist Janeane Garofalo with various captions satirizing radical leftist viewpoints.