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We turned the front window of our storefront into a gypsy camp. We made a tent by stringing wire from the front to back of the windows and used huge pieces of fabric and scarves. 2619 Cherokee Street in St. Louis, MO

Handmade heart pillows in funky fabrics on the welcoming *Love* seat for Valentine's Day at the Scarlett Garnet storefront at 2619 Cherokee Street in south St. Louis. #boutiquedisplay #boutique

Upcylced jewelry hangers by Lauren B with colorful string art in the background., 2619 Cherokee Street #DIY #jewelrydisplay #jewelry #storefront #shopsmall

Spring windows in the St. Louis store! Ready for April showers. Raindrops of Scarlett Garnet jewels fall from the sky too. Our intern, Chelsea, did a great job merchandising and decorating the boutique's windows for local shoppers. #aprilshowers #storefront #retail #windowshopping

I was inspired by a bizarro photo I found at the Gypsy Caravan, a huge fleamarket in St. Louis. From that one weird photo, I hunted down more and drew and painted over more to create something a little creepy, a little close-up. In the front windows of Scarlett Garnet Jewelry: New Storefront for Scarlett Garnet in St. Louis - Cherokee Street!

Fleur De Lis Necklace styled after the St. Louis Flag designed and handmade by $46 with silver fill chain, $38 with brass chain

We love Cherokee Street! Find us at 2619 Cherokee in St. Louis. Today is Saturday, we'll be here until 5pm! #STL #LocalLove

Year of the Snake windows at 2619 Cherokee street. A gold and silver wedding decoration is twisted through red lanterns, creating a sparkling snake shape. #yearofthesnake #chinesenewyear #storefront #brickandmortar #windowdisplay #retail #retaildisplay #merchandising

Summer Windows at the store on Cherokee Street! Jump ropes, place mats, sand box buckets and colorful scarves. And tiny umbrellas! #storefront #brickandmortar #retail #windowdressing #cherokeestreet