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Go vote for best commercial!!! You know which one i voted for :)

Evil-ution by Moffat

This makes me quite happy. Read the caption of the picture!

Tom Hiddleston Page on


Tom Hiddleston Page on


Loki and always bothered me that while Loki mentioned his love for Thor twice, no one ever said "I love you" to Loki, when he most needed to hear it. Odin said "You are my son, I wanted to only protect you from the truth." rather than "You are my son and I love you."

Hash on

Loki and I driving in out our Jaguar F-Type Coupe! :)

LOKI LAUFEYSON The Dark World on Pillowcase size by allaboutgift89, $13.99

These are actually legal tender in New Zealand.....I NEED TO LIVE THERE.