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This Vaquita died in a gill net intended for sharks in the Sea of Cortez near San Felipe, Mexico.

13 species we might have to say goodbye to in 2015

The Most Endangered Marine Mammal Could Be Gone in Three Years - Yahoo News

FWC is planning to hold another bear hunt in Florida despite not knowing the bear population and 75% of Floridians who oppose the hunt. The only way we can stop this from happening is getting the Florida Black Bear back on the Endangered Species list. Sign the petition and let's protect this iconic species from the brink of extinction.

Environmental Action Re-List The Florida Black Bear

The week in wildlife – in pictures

The week in wildlife – in pictures

A desert fox, a year in the life of a tree and a windblown owl are among the pick of this week's images from the natural world

Pink Dolphin of the Amazon

TheDepthsBelow: Because we all know there's things lurking underwater.

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Two Boys Raise Nearly $10,000 to Help Save a 500-Million-Year-Old Species

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Leopard spotted crab

Calico Box Crab - Hepatus epheliticus, lives in shallow water in the western Atlantic Ocean from the Chesapeake Bay to the Dominican Republic.

What We Can Learn About Our Role in the Sixth Mass Extinction From This Scaly Mammal in a Box

What We Can Learn About Our Role in the Sixth Mass Extinction From This Scaly Mammal

What We Can Learn About Our Role in the Sixth Mass Extinction From This Scaly Mammal in a Box-Pangolin

https://flic.kr/p/6DMe63 | Manatee_Classics_35 | Young, curious manatee, in the light

Manatees (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. Someday i plan to swim with you oh manatee!

Commerson's Dolphins

Commerson´s dolphins, Magellan Straits (by Niall Corbet) Strait of Magellan is located between the southern tip of Chile and the island of Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America

Africa’s entire lion population is thought to be about down from in loss driven by human-wildlife conflict. Through our support of Mara Lion Project,.

endangered marine life images | Blossom endangered species list: Conservation education animals: sea ...

Many animals on Earth are endangered. See Bear Springs Blossom endangered animal list.

7 Ways YOU Can Help Save Sharks Now

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Dugong grazing - spot one of these rare creatures at Shark Bay or Ningaloo in Western Australia.

Hillary Clinton body double conspiracy theory sends the internet into meltdown

photo by Pete Atkinson It’s habitat is the warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa. Fun Fact: The Dugong is the only living herbivorous mammal that is strictly marine.

Looking down on wildfire in Alaska, glaciers nearby. Credit: AKFireInfo

Massive Wildfires Fueled by Dry Weather in Alaska' while CA, OR, AR, & WA states also battle wildfires in an early start to the western fire season.