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coca cola ad 1951.. I remember those old coke boxes~!  I remember the ones with the handle too and those awesome baby cokes inside!

Coke 1951 I remember these kinds of dispensers.each bottle had its own slot. There was usually a bottle opener on the front, back(top), or side

Drink Coca-Cola -- it cures headaches and relieves exhaustion.

Coca-Cola advertising 1886 – 1899 This was when coke had 'coke' in it. It was a cure all back then

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"The ideal brain tonic" with Hilda Clark (from - Coca Cola! Love it, wish I had one now 'cause my brain could sure use the tonic!

Drink Bottled Coca-Cola "Delightfully Carbonated and So Easily Served"

Wild Buffalo Valley's general store

Antique Coke Coca Cola Sign outside a General Store / - this looks like the general store in Gruene, TX

coca cola ad

Coca-Cola Delicious Refreshing Lady 1895 Hilda Clark - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

Coca Cola

Not even busy men can deny their thirst! Coca-cola ad, 1922 This was when Coca Cola contained Cocaine.