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Painting of Dean Winchester from Supernatural. By Euclase

This is Dean Winchester from Supernatural. An auspice is someone who interprets good or bad omens by observing the flights of birds. The Auspice

Dean Winchester Painting by Euclase

Sinistra by euclase (Sinistra: Latin origin of Sinister: Unfavorable, singularly evil or productive of evil, presaging ill fortune or trouble, accompanied by or leading to disaster.

From leyna-art on Tumblr.

euclase: “ A few drawings of Sam, together by request

Pizza Man by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. [Caption: A realistic digital painting of Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Portrait is from the waist up. Dean is entirely in.

Sam and Dean. Supernatural

Digital Paintings by Licia - I think it's hilarious that Juxtapoz pinned this. I'm doubting they realize it's fan art for Supernatural.