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Why I write

Not writing is my greatest personal denial. Excerpt from a book i'll never write - cynthia go, quotes,

Advice to think about

Don't waste away being unhappy about trivial things // stop being angry, and be gentile to yourself.

When I'm really done... I stop talking.  #cicib #thecrimsonkiss #writersofig

Please keep your Negativity and selfishness, ungrateful, insecure, jealousy, envious cold heart away from those who are empathetic!

'Brave' #atticuspoetry

'Brave' #atticuspoetry

You'll Be Fine #okay #feel #unsure #lost #trust #god #universe #time #blessed…

You'll be fine. Feeling unsure & lost is part of your path. See what those feelings are showing you & use it. Take a deep breath. You'll be okay. Even if you don't feel okay all the time.

You still had the guts enough to head straight into something that frightened you, That type of bravery will take you places.

And even said I was his best choice and that he was still interested in me.

i thought he still had some feelings for me when we spoke that night. it was exactly the way it was before we broke up. but then the next day he ignored me like every day and that's how i knew i was wrong, holding onto false hope.

I´m fighting, but it´s hard to fight when you don´t know what you´re fighting for

I grew up feeling this way. Still feel this way many days, but my depression cannot keep me down. I fight every. I wish for things to be easy, to be strong, and sometimes it's impossible. Sometimes I just can't.

He wasn't mine..yet,i love him..still feels like mine..

This explains me perfectly and my first love, it was a bunch of what we could have been to eachother, to the world, but he didnt love me back and he pulled away as i pushed forward to a broken heart.