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Living in Colonial America, 1600 to 1800

Philipsburg Manor House in Sleepyhollow, New York dates from 1693 - Philipsburg Manor House in Sleepyhollow, NY dates from 1693. Photo by Clifford's Photography/CC 2.0

Dutch Colonial Revival with Gambrel Roof by Hansen Architects with Young Magnolia and Foundation Plantings

Holiday Decorations, Three Ways

The centerpiece — fresh fruit tucked into a basket of pine boughs — is historically appropriate as pineapples were a Colonial American symbol of hospitality and citrus fruit was a holiday delicacy often tucked into children's stockings.

1625 - mid-1800s: Dutch Colonial

1625 - mid-1800s: Dutch Colonial Architecture from the Netherlands in the New World. Settling along the Hudson River in the land that became New York State, Dutch colonists built brick and stone homes like those found in the Netherlands.