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Whats wrong with this picture?

Chelsea: This is Hannah. She is a tripaw and a rescue. Please note that she was born without her front leg and does not know any different. Every year I like...

You'd think a beagle rescued from a testing lab might not make a great pet (but you'd be so wrong) #pets #animals #beagle

Are you feeding the right pet food? Choosing the wrong pet food can cause health issues such as weight loss, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and poor hair coat.

You've come to the wrong pet shop.

I had a dream there was a dark figure in the corner and I said, “show yourself.” It laughed and Loki stepped into the light. My breathing changed and he asked, “what’s wrong pet?” Leaning down he whispered, “Do you want me?” I nodded and he pushed me down on the bed and had his way with me

17 Phrases you're probably saying wrong. "I could care less" tops the list...and is my all time pet peeve! If you could care less, then you obviously DO care about it. If you "couldn't care less", then you don't care about it at all! GET IT RIGHT!!!

Looks like this Iyengar cat is doing some chair yoga. Keeping his legs hip width apart, pressing the sacrum into the chair his nicely extended back legs are pressing into the wall, keeping the weight evenly distributed on all four corners of his paws. Nice form kitty!

No. (It's also like the people who ask, "Why isn't Batman in the Avengers?) A hardcore nerdier, way more smug version of hating on the unenlightened is eye rolling at the people who want to see Wolverine and Spidey in the Avengers. ("Aren't they from Marvel too?")

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