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When Your Child’s ADHD Meds Keep Him Up At Night

Fear holds back many would-be investors from ever jumping in. Are you paralyzed because you're afraid of failure? Then this is the article for you!

"Finding the right medication for kids with ADHD can be a huge challenge. But a newly available cheek-swab test, now offered at 3,500 pharmacies nationwide, is aiming to help moms and dads zero in on the most hopeful place to start." Includes ethical concerns of genetic testing. By Beth Greenfield

ADHD Treatment: A Test That Costs Less Than $100 May Unlock the Mysteries

Not just for ADHA but pharmacogenetic — or “personalized medicine” testing can be utilized for many other conditions.

What Do We Know About the Causes of ADHD?

What Do We Know About the Causes of ADHD?

Why you shouldn't feel guilty that bad parenting led your child to have the disorder.

Parenting a child with ADHD can strain any marriage. Here are seven ways to save your marriage when parenting problems threaten to split it apart.

The Weight of ADHD on Your Marriage

ADDitude: ADHD Symptoms, Medication, Treatment, Diagnosis, Parenting ADD Children and

Misdiagnosis of girls with ADHD takes toll | Windsor News - Breaking News & Latest Headlines | Windsor Star

Girls with ADHD are not being diagnosed or are being diagnosed much later than boys and that has deadly consequences, says behavioural pediatrician and University of Windsor professor Sharon Burey.

South Africa has one of the highest rates for prescribing ADHD medication. But, are the pills doing more harm than good? SA parents speak out.

People with ADHD are twice as likely to die early, often in accidents

ADHD And Autism: What's The Difference?

, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) last year, three years after he was first diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Dr Michael Keane preparing to test Sarah Monaghan in the DCU Healthy Living Centre. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Dr Michael Keane preparing to test Sarah Monaghan in the DCU Healthy Living Centre.

ADHD Deserves More Respect, Recognition And Resources

As the debate rages on in Ontario over access to provincially funded Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) therapy for children with autism over the age of five, let's not forget about autism's clo.

Children with ADHD often are hard to discipline

How many times have you heard your child say, "I forgot to clean my room," "What did you say?" "Why are you yelling at me?