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Built in 1537, this home was built for Ludwig Scherer Hatter who made his fortune with the silver trade in the Valley of Lièpvre. Despite its medieval characteristics, it is the first example of the architectural Renaissance in Colmar. With its oriel of angle in two floors, its wooden Gallery, its octagonal turret and its wall hinges that represent scenes biblical and secular, the Maison Pfister became one of the symbols of the old Colmar. It owes its name to the family that the restored and…


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12 Sites to see in Colmar France

Maison Adolph in Colmar France is the town’s oldest surviving private house. It was built in 1350 for the Adolph family.

12 Sites to see in Colmar France

A trip to Colmar is a trip to your childhood fairy tale villages. 12 sites to see including museums, historic homes, and where to find the charm of Colmar.