I used to have bulimia until God took it away. I had to find beauty in myself. I had to stop comparing myself to an ideal or to another person. It was there that I found freedom. When I became whole, I found that others around me were able to experience the same freedom by watching me. spend this month praying for those with eating disorders. It shakes them down to the very core.

I truly say this: stop listening to other people's opinions about how your body shape should be. Read a book, find a hobie travel

♠ Se solo i nostri occhi vedessero le anime invece dei corpi,i nostri ideali di bellezza sarebbero molto diversi.

They tell me that eyes is the window to a woman's soul So what you happen to see I can't control

The facts about eating disorders.

Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is abnormal eating patterns. People who seek an eating disorder treatment can recover and go on to live a healthy normal life.

eating disorder recovery over exercising | Signs and Symptoms - Life Without Eating Disorders

No matter if she's or an eating disorder could still manifest inside her. "Every person is different, much like every eating disorder; therefore, each person requires an individualized recovery program. Recovery is not 'one size fits all!

Processed Food & Eating Disorders –  A Product of Modern Society  Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride GAPS ... nutritional deficiencies associated with eating disorders have a profoundly negative impact on the ability of the individual to recognize the condition of their impaired state of health.

Most people know someone with an eating disorder. In the we saw an enormous surge of teenage girls described as having bulimia (binging and purging) and anorexia nervosa (starving oneself to .

40 things I wish everyone could understand about eating disorders.

40 Things People With Eating Disorders Wish Others Understood

Basic things like going to a family gathering, going out on a date and leaving the house spur of the moment are not that simple for someone with an eating disorder. I have to get over huge mental hurdles just to do simple things

Disagree and disobey || resisted the urge to purge. Can i get a whomp whomp

Listen to your eating disorder, then do the opposite! Remember that the eating disorder only wants to destroy you. Destroy the precious, beautiful and incredible being that is YOU.

anorexia and bulimia - NOTE: you do not have to be emaciated to have a problem.

Anorexia and Bulimia - NOTE: you do not have to be emaciated to seek help. Eating disorders are life threatening at any weight.

Eating Disorder Awareness... fight for freedom, fight for a more fulfilled life where I have the strength to step into what God has for me today

fight for freedom, fight for a more fulfilled life where I have the strength to step into what God has for me today

This is true. You will NEVER be thin enough. You will NEVER be anorexic enough. Anorexia will always find something to criticize you for and shout at you. The best part is realising she doesn't need to win. I'm happier being me; without #anorexia; without the pressure. #Recovery

When I was anorexic I was 95 pounds by the end of it and still didn't feel skinny. It's a hard thing to recover from. Everyone is beautiful and don't let anyone make you doubt that