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Idk what the temperature is but judging by those sweater paws it's hand holding weather amiright

Once you found him repin this! Haha...... Y'all can only see his legs

romanticdefiant: “ i was going to write an obligatory “where’s zayn?” caption (one of the fandom’s inside jokes) when i realized zayn actually IS in this photo. zayn manages to not be in a photo he’s actually in. that’s some next level fucking ninja.

Which One Direction Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Niall knows what's up

U can tell, Niall is going to have a wife who will cook him big meals morning, lunch, and dinner. And I will be that wife.

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To be honest, I love that Niall has been getting way more solos than he used to, but why is no one concerned about Louis' number of solos?

hahah i love you

When Harry had his pants pulled down, you literally had to cancel your plans for the entire week because nothing else mattered. Like actually nothing else in the world mattered at all.