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God can't heal your broken heart unless you give Him all the pieces. I love this. :)

God can heal a broken heart But you need to give Him all the pieces. Trust in the Lord. Reposted from FB (A lbert For you Megan's :)

Esther the little orphan girl was grateful for everything she was given and she didn’t ask for a different dress or better shoes or more jewelry. She simply accepted what she was issued and everyone who saw her loved her. "A grateful heart is the most revealing beauty mark." Check out her profile now!

Esther Who Stepped Up

Miriam who sang victoriously: Women in the Bible Week Check out the 10 week series of Women in the Bible, beautiful and brave.

Read Just Another Day from the story His English Heart- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction by korahuddles with 140,295 reads...

His English Heart- A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction - Just Another Day

A physician once said the best medicine is love a patient said what if it doesn't work "Increase the dose"

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How can I forget you when you're always on my mind? How can I not want you when you're all I want inside? How can I let you go when I can't see us apart? How can I not love you when you control my heart?

Granddaughters, Alexandria

God's strength only!

God's strength only!

Adoption Agency shares Biblical verse which shares God's view about adoption.