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夕焼けのやま グラス the 'sunset mountain' glass by 月夜野工房.

ALWAYS どこか懐かしい夕日

Mountain glass of Tsukiyono workshop sunset: fashionable cute glass to be thrilled just looking - NAVER summary

いいね!14件、コメント4件 ― ぴぃさん(@midoriiima)のInstagramアカウント: 「意外にも初めて!?仕事用にケープを購入(^O^) 今までピンを駆使していたけど、これがあればピンなしでもしっかりまとまる♩ これはリピート確実ですのぅ(^^)」

いいね!14件、コメント4件 ― ぴぃさん(@midoriiima)のInstagramアカウント: 「意外にも初めて!?仕事用にケープを購入(^O^) 今までピンを駆使していたけど、これがあればピンなしでもしっかりまとまる♩ これはリピート確実ですのぅ(^^)」

This flower packaging takes the trouble out of having to hold them by their stems! We love the handle design here and the fact that the flower shoppe's name is clearly displayed on the packaging (with contact info). #RetailPackaging

Packaging – Nice flower wrap with a handle. Used by a flower pop-up store in Amsterdam, from the online flower concept 24 Flower.

Salada Comunicação e Design - Juju Agropecuária — World Packaging Design Society / 世界包裝設計社會 / Sociedad Mundial de Diseño de Empaques

Salada Comunicação e Design - Juju Agropecuária



eclectic kids by Hide & Sleep Interior Design Using Washi tape & other tapes to decorate a kid's room!

Spout Funnel by atsuhiro hayashi

musical swings by daily tous les jours - empathiCITY exhibition

夏のお酒 夏におすすめの日本酒、焼酎、ワインをご紹介します。

夏のお酒 夏におすすめの日本酒、焼酎、ワインをご紹介します。

DIY Wooden Doormat - I would add rubber pads to the bottom to keep it from slipping around, since I want to make one to use as a bath mat

Wooden Doormat

this diy wooden door mat. use 2 x drill hole in each end of board, about down, and thread rope, tying a knot after you add each board. paint or stain.

These are so practical and seem to have so many other uses - switch a salad out for the soup, cake & ice cream, cereal & toast...!

Soup & Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo

Soup and sandwich ceramic tray duo - I must have one of these for tomato soup and grilled cheeses! I know this can be used for more than just that, but you have to understand my love for the dynamic duo of tomato soup and grilled cheese.