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When I'm with you I feel safe from the things that hurt me inside. Love quotes, love sayings... This is why boyfriends and girlfriends are for!!! by bettie

I Love YOU...I Just Absolutely Love YOU!!!! I love talking to you..listening to you..thinking of you..dreaming of you..holding you..kissing you..being with you..laughing with you..holding your hand..seeing U smile..looking into your eyes..caressing you..loving you.....I Do!!!! And always will Baby!! I Miss YOU!!!!***

Do not let your relationship turn into one person only being dominant/submissive-share each role, it will turn into an unhealthy relationship otherwise. Use "I see it differently" in difficult relationships.

It's about who I want to tell about my crazy day. It was you. For a long time it was...but now, I realize I was just an accessory you weren't afraid to lose, not something you really wanted to fight for. So, I'll tell those things to someone new...